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Bjorn Evaporator

BJORN Evaporator Type ELTS for Fully Automated and Continuous High Concentration of Oil-bearing Wastewater and Emulsions

In former days treatment systems for oil-bearing wastewater and emulsions often based on combinations of various chemical, physical and mechanical processes. These systems needed a lot of space and were very labour intensive. Furthermore, they created relatively big amounts of sludge for disposal and consumed chemicals for the process.
With the introduction of the BJORN Evaporator state-of-the-art multistage evaporation systems type ELTS for oil-bearing wastewater and emulsions, the disadvantages of former treatment systems may be completely eliminated. As a matter of fact, the output of the BJORN Evaporator multistage evaporator consists of clean water and an oil concentrate with more than 90% oil content. No chemicals are needed as the processes involved are based on thermal and hydrodynamic separation principles. In fact, the BJORN ELTS provides the users a profit due to the sales of the oil concentrate. Labour costs are kept to a minimum as the BJORN ELTS are PLC-controlled and designed for fully automated operation. Due to the compact design, even the space dedicated to the process may be minimised.
The BJORN ELTS evaporators are tailor-made according to your specific needs, allowing you to specify exactly what you require and avoid expenses for obsolete features.
BJORN ELTS may be delivered with capacities from a few hundred litres per hour up to
several cubic metres per hour.