VARO Specialmaskiner A/S

Evaporation of Problematic Liquids

BJORN Vacuum Evaporator ELT Easy Access

  • Concentration and recovery of problematic effluent:
    Waste ink, lacquers, paint, glue etc.
  • High level of concentration
  • Easy manual cleaning of the heat exchanger
  • Environment safe vacuum operation
  • Energy saving heat recovery
  • Very low temperature, no product decomposition
  • Minimum fouling and scaling within the heat exchanger due to the extra water jacket


Areas of Application for BJORN Easy Access:

The Graphical Industry

The evaporation of problematic liquids is put to use in concentration and recovery of waste
ink and printing liquids in the graphical industry.


Concentration and recovery of very dirty and sticky types of paint, lacquers and colours
are among the areas where the evaporation of problematic liquids is to be solved by a
BJORN Vacuum Evaporator.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Recycling of organic solvents and concentration of CIP cleaning fluids are examples of
where the pharmaceutical industry has used an Evaporator from BJORN Evaporator.

Galvanic Industry

Hot dip galvanising is one case where a Vacuum Evaporator from BJORN Evaporator
solves the problem of evaporation of problematic liquids.