VARO Specialmaskiner A/S

Vacuum Evaporation

BJORN Evaporator ELT

for the treatment of aggressive wastewater
  • Concentration of aggressive wastewater at a low temperature under vacuum
  • Solvent recycling
  • Environment safe vacuum operation
  • Energy saving heat recovery
  • Compact design
  • Low temperature, no product decomposition

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Application Examples for BJORN Vacuum Evaporator:

Photo Industry

Concentration of spent developer, fix and bleach. Recycling of wash water and stabiliser
are examples of where the BJORN Vacuum Evaporator has found its use in the photo


Pharmaceutical Industry

Recycling of organic solvents and concentration of CIP cleaning fluids are examples
of where the pharmaceutical industry has used Vacuum Evaporators from BJORN


Manufacturing Industry

The Vacuum Evaporator is being used in separation of oil-bearing wastewater and
degreasing baths in the manufacturing industry.


Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry the Vacuum Evaporator is used in the concentration and recycling
of spent chemicals including organic solvents.


Galvanic Industry

Concentration of spent electrolyte, degreasing and rinse baths are examples of where the
BJORN Vacuum Evaporator is put to use in the galvanic industry.