VARO Specialmaskiner A/S

About us

Since its foundation in 1956, Bjørnkjær has developed a highly specialised know-how
within a wide range of product lines – ranging from simple processing components to specially constructed turnkey processing installations.
Throughout the years and in close cooperation with both Danish and foreign customers, Bjørnkjær has developed, constructed and produced a wide spectrum of processing equipment especially within the following industries: 
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Environmental sector

Bjørnkjær is continuously striving to maintain and expand its position as a knowledge
centre and strategic partner to the biggest industries in Denmark.
Based on 50 years of experience within distillation and recycling, Bjørnkjær has developed its own product line of evaporators for concentration and recycling of wastewater and organic solvents.
These are marketed internationally under the brand name BJORN Evaporator™.
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