VARO Specialmaskiner A/S


For more than 50 years, Bjørnkjær has delivered evaporators for customers in Denmark as well as all around the world. Bjørnkjær is the leading supplier of customised evaporators using surplus energy for concentration of problematic liquid and wastewater. Also concentration of e.g. oil-bearing water would be suitable in order to increase the value of the concentrate. This means liquid could go from worth nothing to be worth a lot of money.

In close dialogue with the customer we customise the evaporation equipment, which will improve the competitiveness, earning capacity and furthermore help the company having a green profile. Our customers are Danish and international companies having problems with treatment and disposal of problematic liquid and wastewater. Further to this surplus energy like steam, hot air or hot water could be an issue.

Dependent on the temperature of the surplus energy it is often possible to reuse the heat for other purposes after evaporation.

A successful project is based on mutual trust and sharing of knowledge. A partnership where the customer and Bjørnkjær will find the best solution concerning treatment, energy consumption as well as the physical limits. In cooperation we make the calculations based on facts. These facts are based on the actual costs before and after investment. To be able to demonstrate the working expenses we are able to carry out an evaporation test on our test equipment in order to know the exact details.

We make several projects yearly, and we carry out many evaporation tests for customers to prove if the evaporation technology is the right solution.

Please contact us if you have a wastewater problem which could be solved by evaporation.